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Find the best in Sound Healing CDs from internationally renowned sound healers Paradiso and Rasamayi of the 5th Element Music label. Each of these CDs will take your mind and body on a journey of Sound Healing through a perfect blend of Didgeridoo and Crystal Bowl Alchemy sounds. Enjoy!

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Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension – Paradiso & Rasamayi
sound healing by Paradiso and Rasamayi

Attuning to Oneness

Attuning to Oneness is the latest album from best-selling, multi-award winning New Age Artists, master didgeridoo player Paradiso and chanteuse / singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi. Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution to the Oneness state through the healing power of sound. With celestial beauty which transports the listener to a higher plane on tracks like Attuning to Oneness, and more primal power tracks like All Is Love (which was originally recorded by request from Humanity’s Team, founded by Neale Donald Walsch) this album represents an integrated range of the New Age and World music genres.

Attuning to Oneness features Paradiso on didgeridoo, keyboards, theremin and gong and Rasamayi’s soothing chants, crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls.

This album is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other healing modalities.


  • Debuted top 5: global airplay of World/Ambient/New Age music


  • Attuning to Oneness is a journey into healing. The use of shamanic percussion, chanting, crystal bowls and the primal wind instrument, the didjeridoo craft a therapeutic environment that could be used in a spiritual endeavor or in the most upscale spa experience. Designed with meditation and brain activity in mind, Paradiso and Rasamayi have combined the ancient tradition and modern sound therapies in an audible performance that is harmonious and geared to relaxation.”

– Dana Wright, Muzikreviews.com

  • “The deep chime/bell tones on As Above, So Below will hold you spellbound from the opening note, and the didg is superb!  Even if “new age” isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, you will find something to enjoy in the 11 tracks they present for your sonic enjoyment…Be sure you reserve a full hour for listening to this with ‘phones on… you will want to allow yourself space to absorb the spirit being projected.  I give this very enjoyable sonic experience a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

– Dick Metcalf, rotcodzzaj.com

  • “Deep and soulful, connecting with the listener in a place beyond where we usually listen to music from.”

– Michael Diamond, michaeldiamondmusic.com

3rd Eye Rising: A Journey Through Ascending Realms – Paradiso & Rasamayi
didjeridoo music, crystal bowls alchemy

3rd Eye Rising

3rd Eye Rising has been crafted to guide you through a mystic journey of ascending realms facilitated by the soul-stirring drone of the didgeridoo, healing seed mantras, and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Each song is a beautiful and powerful energy “prescription” crafted to unlock the divine gift after which it is named: Bliss, Gratitude, Invocation, Abundance, Transformation, Love, Guidance, Flow, Wisdom, Power and Purpose. Tune in to the higher frequencies of your 3rd eye and experience accelerated evolution, soul travel, and activate you innate healing potential on all levels.

3rd Eye Rising is healing music featuring the didgeridoo and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, with chanting, keyboard, and shamanic percussion.

This album is perfect for meditation, massage and other healing practices.


  • Independent Music Award: best New Age album, 2011
  • Top 3 World Music CDs: Coalition of Visionary Resources, 2011
  • Top 5 meditation and relaxation CDs: Zone Music Reporter, 2011
  • Top 5 global airplay of World/Ambient/New Age music, 2011
  • Ranked 16: global New Age/Ambient/Electronic radio charts, 2011



Himalayan Chakra Healing – Paradiso with Suren Shrestha

Himalayan Chakra Sound HealingThe first and only commercially available chakra healing CD based on the Himalayan Chakra/note protocols! Immerse your entire Self in the meditative, restorative resonance of Tibetan singing bowls, enhanced by the mystical vibration of the didgeridoo.

This Seminal CD is an invaluable tool for those who resonate with Tibet or Buddhism, or who seek an ancient chakra healing technique not previously available in the west.  A profoundly healing soundscape awaits you within.

This album is perfect for meditation, relaxation and all healing modalities.

A portion of all CD sales will be donated to the care of Nepalese Orphans


  • Top 3 World Music Albums: Coalition of Visionary Resources Awards, 2011


Middle Path – Paradiso
Sound Healing CD

Middle Path

Middle Path debuted at #11 of the Top 100 on the NewAgeReporter.com radio airplay charts, and hit number 4 on XM Satellite Radio Ch.77.  It is a fantastic CD for helping you ground, center and be present in your body. It helps to integrate your understanding of yourself as a divine being with your experience of your human behavior, thoughts and emotions. Due to its grounding capacity, this CD is safe to listen to while driving.

Middle Path features an electronic crossover with a full range of male and female didgeridoos complemented with drums, bells, Tibetan bowls, vocals, keyboards, percussion and other electronic instruments.

This CD is perfect for yoga, massage, and meditation.

5% of your purchase goes to the Tropical Rainforest Coalition


  • Ranked 15: global New Age radio charts, 2008



Shaman’s Trance – Paradiso
Sound Healing, Didjeridoo healing

Shaman’s Trance

Shaman’s Trance was designed for dreamtime activity; many have reported relief long-term relief from chronic and acute insomnia. The music creates a protective container in the Sacred Sound Current for safe out of body journeys.  A soul vacation in CD form!

Shaman’s Trance is a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and multiple styles featuring Paradiso on the didgeridoo and vocals, along with drums, Tibetan bowls, shamanic percussion and bells.

This CD is perfect for casual listening, full yoga classes, massage sessions, meditation, relaxation, insomnia and journeying work.


  • Top 10: global New Age radio charts, 2006
  • Nominated best electronic album: NAR/ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards, 2006


Healing Vibes – Paradiso
Healing Vibes Sound Healing

Healing Vibes

Healing Vibes is therapy for body, mind and spirit. Close your eyes, relax and feel the vibration of the didgeridoo.  This album was recorded in “feels real” 3-dimensional sound, which was designed to simulate human hearing, capturing depth, height, and width, as well as directional sound movement.  No special equipment is needed to get 3-D sound from traditional stereo speakers.  Most experience alpha brain wave activity in under two minutes with this CD and may experience a series of dreamlike images.  The Aboriginal Australians call this state “Dreamtime,” which offers profound opportunities for healing and renewal.

We recommend headphones for best results!  It will feel as though you are receiving a personal didgeridoo sound healing session.

This CD is perfect for meditation and self-healing work on the physical and emotional levels.

Stay tuned for more 3-D recordings from 5th Element Music!


Circular – Miraz & Paradiso
Didjeridoo Sound Healing


This CD by Paradiso and Miraz is a very unique and special work of art. Paradiso – Didgeridoo master and Vintage Synth virtuoso Miraz are working in the imaginary realms with great subtleties and earthiness. Enjoy this multi-dimensional journey through the vibrations and magic of this music!

This is an easy listening, electronic crossover album with didgeridoo. It is perfect ambient music, with some beat.

Instruments: Didgeridoo, Big Briar theremin, harmonica, drum, guitar, Tibetan bowls, percussion, chants, and keyboards.


Through Fields of Stars – Miraz and Paradiso
Sound Healing

Through Fields of Stars

“Through Fields Of Stars” by Miraz and Paradiso is a live recording of three nights of inspired improvisation. The music is almost without structure, music that performs outside of the box. It is also sound therapy for the mind, body and spirit, mirroring the energetics of the present moment.

This album is an electronic crossover with didgeridoo, containing spacey melodies with outer realm rhythms.

Instruments: Didgeridoo, Big Briar theremin, harmonica, phaser, keyboards, and drum machine.



Vibes – Paradiso, Robert Evans and Kenny Elvin
Sound Healing CD


Three didgeridoo players creating intertwining harmonics! Recorded live at the band’s secret tunnel, with a stream running through and providing natural acoustics and reverb.

Instruments: Didgeridoos and Tibetan bowls

This CD is designed for meditation, massage and all forms of energy work.


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