Online Sound Healing is THE online resource for your next and best experience of sacred sound! Find information about how sound healing works, live meditation music events, as well as healing music, healing frequencies and sound therapy CDs. We also offer  sacred sound videos, downloadable music and sacred sound to support your healing and evolution on all levels, from internationally renowned and critically acclaimed sound healers and musicians Paradiso and Rasamayi. Enjoy profound, celestial music facilitating deepest relaxation and energy activation, delivered from a studio and sound healers with award-winning, best-selling CDs and top 5 international radio airplay for world, ambient and new age music.

Our Mission

Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the Divine plan for humanity by translating their audiences’ frequency prescription into a unique audible musical experience, facilitating a state in which those seeking healing and evolution are more quickly and easily able to transcend perceived limitations and achieve a more complete embodiment of their own infinite nature.

Winner of best Frequency & Transformational music and Best Meditation Music of the year



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