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Welcome to Online Sound Healing

If you want to understand, experience, and share the healing power of sound, Online Sound Healing is THE online resource. Find information and articles about meditation music, healing music, healing frequencies and sound therapy; subscribe today to be informed of events and music releases with sound healing legends and rising stars, and receive superb low cost to FREE meditation music, healing music and healing sounds by first rate artists that aren’t available anywhere else!

We offer downloadable music and sound to support your healing and evolution on all levels, from internationally renowned and critically acclaimedsound healers and musicians: the legends and the rising stars of sound healing. Enjoy original music for deepest relaxation and energy activation, delivered from studios and sound healers with award-winning, best-selling CDs and top 20 international radio airplay for world, ambient and new age music.

Our Mission

Having found that Sound is a universal, fundamental and profoundly powerful energy healing tool, Online Sound Healing will assist the transformation of the world with Sacred Sound frequencies. We offer healing vibrations to anyone with internet access, and assist sound healersand healing musiciansto connect to a global audience, increasing their capacity to live their dharma. Together, we will transform the world – one song, one download at a time – manifesting a more peaceful and loving planetary culture, and raising consciousness to further improve the condition of Earth and all of her inhabitants.


From Free to the cost of an inexpensive dinner, we offer multiple levels of membership to the Sacred Sound Sanctuary.  There, you will find not only Sound Healing tracks from Paradiso and Rasamayi, but you can also  download a song to unlock the spiritual gift of transformation, hear a song created for Dr. Masaru Emoto, musically meet harpist Christine Tulis and keyboardist and percussionist Kem Stralka, and read insightful articles to help YOU clear your karma and speed You along the path to awakening!

Check out our generous offerings of Sound Healing in the Sacred Sound Sanctuary and enjoy your journey towards healing!

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